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5 Tips To Choose The Best Immigration Consultant

If you are thinking about moving abroad – be it for a new job or studying outside, there is always some amount of uncertainty and anxiety involved in the thought process. Let us admit that it is quite a complex process and if you are flustered about how to go forward, then you are going to require the help of top immigration consultants in Dubai. The truth of the matter is that immigration rules keep on changing year after year and it can be difficult to keep track of all the changes. Hence, the need for the right immigration consultant becomes quite apparent.

The question, that now arises that how do you choose the best immigration consultant in UAE? To this end, we have compiled 5 tips that you should consider before making a final choice:

Looking For Basic Requirements

The first thing you should always look for when you’re checking out immigration consultants is whether they are accredited with any local government bodies as well as the immigration regulatory body for the country that you are planning to migrate to. The next thing that you would want to check out is whether they are well-reputed as well as if they have a proper physical office. Both these factors show credibility hence you should definitely do a thorough background check.


Even though there might be immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi which do not have enough years of experience but they are good at the job however the surety that comes with experience and success rate is something that you should not discount. Since immigration rules keep on changing from time to time hence to have someone who is well-versed with them and also has a long list of clients who have successfully immigrated to the country you want to migrate to is a factor that you should look out for.


If you go to a good immigration consultant in the UAE, the first thing you will notice is that they are very honest and open with you. From giving you references that you could look into, or other basic details that you might ask for, you will notice a forthrightness in the demeanour and they will not hesitate in giving you all the details that you asked for. Not only when it comes to the success rate but also the fees that are charged and other procedures involved, a good immigration agent will always be upfront with you regarding everything.

Do Not Fall For Promises

All top immigration consultants in Dubai, will have one thing in common, they do not make false promises. If an immigration consultant is adding you on and making you make embellishments in your form then you should run away as far as you can. Any sort of embellishment or a piece of untruthful information in your form might be discovered later and would lead to a complete immigration ban or even worse, litigation regarding immigration fraud. A good immigration consultant will not hold onto your documents, and will definitely not make you any high promises that they cannot keep.

Make Sure To Go Through Their Policies

Before you hire an immigration consultant in UAE, it is best to take a look at the website or to go through the policies in whatever physical contract that they present to you. Any policies regarding the cancellation or refund practise is something that you should definitely consider just in case you do not like the services later and I want to back out of the entire deal. Upfront and honest immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi are going to have a very clear website that is going to denote all of their policies so that there is no room for confusion later.

So there you have it these are the five main things that you should keep in mind when you are looking for the best immigration consultant in UAE. Keeping this in mind, it is going to help you find an honest and upfront immigration consultant is going to really help your case and make your dreams of moving abroad come true. So never rush the procedure of choosing for yourself top immigration consultants in Dubai, be thorough and that will help you in making the right choice.

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