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Applying for a Canada PR in 2020

November 13, 2020BY Immigration ( 0 ) Comment

For a lot of people, moving to Canada is the dream. When you think about world-class living, in terms of the kind of amenities that are provided as well as cultural assimilation, Canada immigration from Dubai really starts sounding like a great idea. Owing to the fact that the Canadian government has been welcoming immigrants with open arms, and every year seems to raise the target number of immigrants to be accepted, the country has become a hotbed for immigration.

As the best agency for Canada immigration in Dubai, First Step Consultancy, has been providing you with accurate information regarding getting a Canada PR. Understanding the need of the times with the COV I D-19 pandemic upsetting most global plans of immigration, taking a look at the year 2020 and how one can gain a PR – our ICCRC approved consultants in Dubai have put together and in for me to read for you.

In this article, we will share various ways and the means following which you can get a Canadian residency permanently from Dubai. Peruse this article until the conclusion to discover how you could get the Canada PR. 

Canada positions number one in the migration rankings currently and hence, it is one of the most sought after destinations. It’s an exceptionally alluring spot to live and as the best PR consultancy for Canada in Dubai we can tell you that – with the Canada PR you get: 

  1. Free medical care (one of the best on the planet) 
  2. Free instruction 
  3. Government-backed retirement 
  4. An option to guarantee citizenship inside three years 

And these advantages are just to name a few. There are a plethora of perks and benefits that you become privy to once you get a PR for Canada.

To be qualified for Canada PR you have to score 67 brings up of 100. 

This is the manner in which the points work. Most extreme points separated by the part: 

  1. Age: 12 points (Maximum) 
  2. Training: 25 points (Maximum) 
  3. Work Experience: 15 points (Maximum) 
  4. Language Skills: 28 points (Maximum) 
  5. Flexibility: 10 points (Maximum) 
  6. Organized Employment: 10 points (Maximum) 

It needs to be mentioned that points will rely on how solid is the up-and-comer’s general profile. 

For a Canada PR visa we as ICCRC approved consultants in Dubai would like to inform you that you have to check your all reports and the rundown of significant records are given beneath: 

  1. Training Transcript 
  2. Work Experience Letters 
  3. Qualifying WES Report 
  4. IELTS Score Card 
  5. Valid Passport 
  6. Medicals and Police Clearance Certificate 
  7. Verification of Identity

Coming down to it, we should discuss the best five unique approaches to get a Canada PR. Coming from the best ICCRC approved consultants in Dubai our recommendations include:

1. Express Entry

For talented and qualified workers Express passage is the most ideal alternative for Canada PR visa. To enter this program the essential prerequisites are: 

  1. Age under 40 years 
  2. Graduate in any stream 
  3. 2-3 years of work insight 
  4. Great English language aptitudes 
  5. Monetary steadiness 
  6. Express section oversees applications for three monetary movement programs. 
  7. A government gifted specialist program 
  8. Government gifted exchanges program 
  9. Canadian experience class 

2. Family Sponsorship

In the event that your relative has effectively Canadian PR or citizenship, as the best PR consultancy for Canada in Dubai, we would like to tell you that at that point they can support your Canada PR just if your relative at any rate 18 years of age and matches the beneath prerequisites. 

  1. Ready to help their family 
  2. Not be under an expulsion request of PR 
  3. Not be Bankrupt 
  4. Not be imprisoned or accused of a genuine offence

3. Become an international student

As the best agency for Canada immigration in Dubai we could also help you in becoming a student in Canada – enrolling 

Canada is a top objective on the planet for worldwide understudies due to the nation’s extraordinary schools and universities, reasonable educational cost and inspirational disposition towards newcomers. 

You can apply for a Canada PR visa subsequent to finishing your investigations. 

4. Provincial Nominee Programs to get Canada PR

Another great way to immigrate to Canada is via Provincial Nominee Programs to get a Canada PR 

PNP is a simpler method to get a Canada PR visa. Under this cycle the up-and-comer must have the necessary abilities: 

  1. Education
  2. Work Experience
  3. Financial commitment 

5. Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

Quebec has an exceptional concession to migration with the Government of Canada. You should apply in the accompanying two phases to move to Canada as a Quebec chosen skilled worker. 

  1. Apply to the administration of Quebec for a Quebec determination authentication 
  2. The territory of Quebec will evaluate you, utilizing its own guidelines 
  3. The authentication shows that the Province of Quebec has acknowledged you as a worker. 

On the off chance that the Province picks you and gives you a CSQ, at that point you should apply to migration, exiles and Citizenship Canada for PR and that is the best advice we can give you as best PR consultancy for Canada in Dubai. 

Compulsory prerequisites for Quebec Skilled Worker visa 

  1. Training: Diploma or Bachelor 
  2. The instruction territory of preparing: Should be in C class 
  3. Work Experience: Minimum a half-year 
  4. Age: Up to 42 years. 
  5. Language Ability: French Minimum B2 Level 

There you have it, these are some of the best ways to go about Canada immigration from Dubai in 2020. First Step Consultancy is committed to ensuring that you have the most hassle-free, smooth sailing immigration experience ever and as the best agency for Canada immigration in Dubai our team of immigration consultants are always at your service, answering your queries and making sure that the best possible options are available for you. Reach out to us at the earliest and our ICCRC approved consultants in Dubai will make your dream of migrating to Canada come true so that the opportunity of a lifetime is something that you do not have to miss out upon ever!

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