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Canada PR Visa Consultant in the UAE

Your Dreams of Living the Canadian Life are calling… Let us Help You Take the First Step

The United Nations has ranked Canada as the best country in the world to live in. It has the finest quality of life, based on the standard of living, life expectancy and the educational level of its population. Canada is an open, democratic, progressive culture which welcomes its newcomers to share and contribute to the country’s prosperity and community life. With excellent educational system, high-quality healthcare, low incidence of crime and clean environment, it has become one of the most sought after countries for immigrants. Hence, if working and settling down in Canada is your dream, then you will need to apply for a Canada PR Visa.

First Step immigration is dedicated to making your Canada visa application process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. With our expert consultants working dedicatedly on your case Round the clock, we make sure that you have everything you need to make your dream of settling down in Canada come true. 

From the initial analysis of eligibility criteria to the final steps for a PR immigration to Canada, our consultants are here to offer the most credible advice and hold your hand as we make your transition to Canada as seamless as possible.

Why Choose Canada?

Canada consistently encourages immigration applications in order to stimulate economic activity and opportunity through people with the requisite education and employment skills, that can adapt to the Canadian market. 

Canada has consistently proven to be a dynamic country and is a world leader with highly conducive immigration laws and a number of programs, that welcome immigrants with economic and professional skill from all around the world.

If you decide to choose Canada as your home, you will enjoy a comfortable standard of living, great healthcare, social security, a high-level of education and a safe and clean environment. 

If you’re wondering about your eligibility for a Canada PR Visa, we are here to assist you by analyzing your credentials and determining whether you fit the criteria.

What are the benefits of being a permanent resident of Canada?

As a permanent resident, you are free to live, study or work in Canada as you choose. You are also eligible to apply for a Canadian citizenship. A Canada PR Visa is your gateway for getting extensive healthcare, other social benefits and protection under Canadian law.

The only limitation that you will face is that you cannot vote or run for office or apply for a job that needs a high-level security clearance.

How to apply for a Canada PR?


It is really convenient to apply for Canada PR Visa online. A scanned copy of all the relevant documents is all that is required from you. You need to ensure that you have read the list of document requirements carefully and have a scanned copy ready. The payment for the application fees can be made online. Once you have completed the online application, you will be required to visit the Visa Application Centre for the purpose of fingerprint verification and in order to hand over your passport.

Meet a Canada PR Visa Consultant:

You can simplify the process of applying for a Canada PR visa considerably by selecting a Visa consultant. The consultant can walk you through all the steps and requirements to complete your application and the relevant documents that are required from you – this will save you from all the hassle and all that you have to do is wait for the final approval.

Are you looking for assistance regarding Canada PR Visa?

Our expert consultants are here to guide and assist you until your application is processed and all you need to do is pack your bags and fly! Our Canada PR Visa consultants will ensure that your Visa process is completely stress-free.

So contact our Canada PR Visa consultants in the UAE and leave all your immigration worries in our hands!

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