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Documents Required for Canadian Visit Visa from Dubai

We have earlier talked about how you need a visitor visa to visit Canada if you are going from Dubai to Canada. Most global citizens require a visitor visa, and hence you really need to know what kind of documents will be required for you to submit so that you can apply for Canada visitor visa. As you can tell by the name, a tourist Visa is generally ideal for people who are planning a vacation, let’s face it Canada has some really beautiful sights to witness, or if you have friends and family in the country and you want to visit them.

For those of you who are visiting Canada for the sole purpose of a business conference or meeting, a business visa will do well for you. Regardless, as immigration consultants, we are going to guide you through the procedure and let you know about the documents that you will be required to submit.

  1. First of all, you are going to need a valid UAE residence Visa which is at least valid for 90 days still.
  2. Your original passport is going to be required which needs to be valid for at least six months in the future and with two blank pages minimum
  3. You are also going to need an original NOC letter, that states your salary, designation, joining date, a trial purpose for employee address in Canada embassy. We will also need a valid trade license copy, a self-introduction letter that states your monthly income, passport details of partners, investors and owners in case you have a business visit in place.
  4. You will also have to provide, the recent photographs with a white background that are 3.5×4.5 cm in size
  5. An additional advantage can be gained if you have an invitation letter from a friend or a relative, so if you have anyone who is living in Canada you can ask them for invitation letter that will just make the process easier for you
  6. An invitation letter is also required for a business visa so make sure that the organisers or whoever is inviting you send out a formal letter that you can furnish in your documentation.

Apart from this, you need to have an onward journey or even a return ticket booked for sure and any entry facilities to the next destination if it is applicable. You will also be checked for the fact that you have enough funds that are required to be able to afford to stay in Canada and keep in mind that your visa processing fee for the application is non-refundable.

So, if you are wondering how long does it normally take to process your Canada visitor Visa in normally takes between 3 to 5 days so even if you had a little bit of a sudden plan to visit Canada that can be facilitated.

As a leading Canada visa consultant in Dubai, we can provide special assistance in your form filling, application assistance, document verification and also submission to the embassy. It is best that you employ our services since sometimes applying for a visa can be quite cumbersome and stressful, so avoid all of this and have a safe and smooth trip.

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