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Poland Work Permit Program

Poland is a garden of nature and a treasure trove of cultural riches.

Poland is a garden of nature and a treasure trove of cultural riches. A democracy located in the middle of Europe, inhabited by a friendly, hospitable people building a modern economy, yet cherishing their heritage dearly. As a member of the European Union (Schengen) and the NATO Alliance, Poland plays an active part in the development of European integration.With a stable democracy and robust economy- Poland is rapidly creating new job opportunities for skilled professionals, resulting into high quality of life for individuals. Professions such as, doctors, pharmacists, architects, IT specialists, accountants, economists, engineers, cooks, product specialist and many other have a huge demand in European Labor Market. But Currently under Poland Residence Visa we are taking Blue Collar Workers to fulfil the local market needs.

What is Work Permit / TRC?

A Temporary Residence Permit/Card or work permit is a document that authorizes a foreigner to work legally in Poland. A permit is issued by the Voivode (local governor) competent for the seat / place of residence of the employer. The permit indicates the company that entrusts the execution of work to the foreigner and the position or the type of work which the foreigner is to perform. The work is therefore regarded as legal only if the foreigner performs the work identified in the permit.

Who requires a work permit in Poland?

A foreigner who is not a national of an EU Member State is entitled to perform work in the Republic of Poland based on a TRC/work permit. The current success rate we have seen for candidate having minimum 1 year of GCC experience along with ability to speak and understand English although IELTS is not a mandatory requirement. The applicant should be having Inter or higher secondary Education.

What we do

Looking for Residence Permit in Poland which is issued for 3 years period? We will applicant to prepare all necessary documents apply for a work permit and residence in Poland.  

  • One year work permit will be provided which will be extended for Two more years
  • Transportation and Accommodation will be provided (if the applicant works with same employer in Poland)
  • First 2 months training will be provided under same company
  • Total processing time will be 4-6 months
  • 100% Success rate
  • Majority of our applicant having background of Driver/Construction worker/technical worker/hospitality and cleaning worker can fit under  this residency program. 

Benefit of Polish Residency

  • Being sharing border with Germany the applicant have access to biggest Job Market
  • The applicant can travel and work in any of Schengen countries 
  • Family re-union you can do on the receipt of TRC permit/card. This will work to call your family on depended visa and allow free education for children.  
  • Great living and working environment 
  • After living 3 years in EU the applicant can easily apply for permanent residency and later it lead to Passport 
  • It can lead to access to Canada Immigration after living and working in EU
  • Visa holder of EU after 6 month can travel to UK and explore more Job prospective 

Associate company from Poland will do below activities: 

  • We help professional advice on your current immigration status along with the formalities that will take place in applying for immigration in your country of choice.
  • Developing the best strategy for your application – we build the strongest case based on your circumstances and needs.
  • Dealing on your behalf, with Government and non-Government agencies / Immigration department.
  • Provide alternatives in accordance with your skills and education to meet requirements of that country.
  • Provide advice in terms of ensuring that your application process is smooth and provides you with a positive result.
  • Providing our valued client with excellent Customer Service.

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