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The Benefits of Hiring ICCRC Agent for Immigration to Canada

When planning upon trying to settle down in Canada, the probability of you having done due diligence regarding the kind of programs, the criteria, and also the due process mandated for application is quite high. The main confusion arises, when you think about going ahead with doing entire procedure for Canada immigration from Dubai on your own or get it done through an agent.

Even though you might be thinking that if you do it on your own, it will be much more cost-effective as you will be able to save up on some precious money, you actually might be convinced that yes it is something that you can manage. Then why are we here to tell you that you must go through ICCRC about immigration consultants in Dubai? Well, there are several reasons why, and we are going to talk about them one by one.

Firstly, a lot of you might think that there are only a couple of programs for example Express Entry, Skilled Workers, PNP, etc. that you can immigrate through. However, did you know that there are over 60 immigration programs that Canada provides for people aspiring to immigrate? If you go your own way you probably would not know about them and you will not probably ever hear about them as well, hence, let us look at the benefits of hiring an ICCRC approved immigration consultant:

First of all, let us talk about the ICCRC, it is a regulatory body that comes under the federal government of Canada and it oversees all the immigration-related procedures to Canada and takes care of the regulation as well as execution. Even though it might not be absolutely compulsory to hire ICCRC approved immigration consultants in Dubai, however, it is best to do so because a lot of immigration consultants or companies are not very well versed with the Canadian visa procedure and might not be able to give you the correct guidance which might end up jeopardizing your immigration chances.

Now looking at the reasons:

  1. An immigration consultant that has been registered with the ICCRC Will make sure that only correct and genuine information is provided to you.
  2. He/she will have access to all the latest updates and information regarding whatever changes they might be in visa rules and regulations, which ensures an enhanced level of service.
  3. You can only become ICCRC approved immigration consultants in Dubai after going through a thorough vetting by authorities, hence that reduces the chances of any sort of immigration fraud.
  4. They are certain rules of conduct as well as codes of ethics that have to be followed by agents to give you transparent service.

When you go through a visa process that is secure, it minimizes your chances of rejection since you are going through all the legal channels and more importantly the right channels. Apart from this, your processing time is also reduced considerably.

Hence, ICCRC approved immigration consultants in Dubai will make sure that:

  1. They review the chances of you getting a visa thoroughly
  2. Will provide you with the best options on the basis of your profile
  3. Will provide you the right guidance and also help you in the application process
  4. Will ensure that the verification of the documents so that there are no errors in them
  5. Will be with you at every step along the way during the various stages of the Canadian immigration program

Hence, you can definitely enhance your chances of successful immigration through Canada immigration visa process in Dubai, if you go through immigration consultants that ICCRC approved. Owing to the fact that everyone had such high hopes and dreams regarding immigration and amount of time and money that is invested in it, making the small mistake of hiring a consultants who are not sure of what they doing or in fact well-versed with what they doing will end up diminishing your chances of getting your Visa approved. Even if you had been thinking about doing it all yourself, you might end up making certain mistakes that would lead to the same rejection as we mentioned above. Hence, why don’t you garner are the benefits of hiring an ICCRC approved immigration consultant in Dubai, and get yourself a hassle-free immigration procedure, that is not going to tax your pockets as well as enhance the chances of being able to immigrate to Canada and begin your dream life.

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