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The Best Provincial Nominee Programs  For Immigrating to Canada

If you have been thinking about immigrating to Canada then your Canada immigration consultant in UAE must have definitely told you about something known as Provincial Nominee Programs or PNPs. To simplify it and inform you, what they are all about, let us tell you that these are basically immigration programs that are organized by the Canadian provinces, this allows them to nominate candidates for immigration. So if you are able to clear a PNP, you could be well on your way to begin afresh in Canada.

You will be surprised to know that there are almost 80 different kinds of PNPs in Canada, and every one of them has eligibility requirements that are unique. The PNPs usually let provinces decide their own criteria depending upon the kind of needs that they have in terms of immigration. However, on a general basis as any Canada PR consultant in UAE will tell you, these programs are generally designed in order to be able to fill in whatever we can see there are in the Canadian labour force in the province, hence they generally target people who have experience in a high demand occupation.

A lot of time the programs want the candidates to have some sort of connection to the province, depending upon the kind of work experience they have had in the province previously, or if they have any study experience in the province or even a job offer from an employer in the province. Having said this, however, there are a lot of PNPs who actually do not look into people who are residing in Canada or have any connection to the provinces.

As the best immigration consultants in UAE, here are the best PNPs for 2020 according to us:

  • The International Skilled Worker PNP by Saskatchewan: This program has been specifically designed in order to be able to bring in workers who have experience in the in-demand occupations of the province. For a candidate to be eligible, you must have at least one year experience in the list of jobs that have been included on Saskatchewan’s in-demand occupation list. Last year we saw the expansion of the list, hence, more and more candidates are now eligible to apply, which is why as your Canada PR consultant in the UAE, we would recommend this PNP. Another requirement for the program is that the candidate needs to have completed a post-secondary educational credential of at least one year and should have some level of proficiency in either English or French. Finally, there are two streams in the international skilled worker program which are made for people who decide outside of Canada. The first is the Saskatchewan Express Entry Stream, which only requires the candidate to have an Express Entry profile that is active, to be eligible to apply. The second stream is the Saskatchewan occupation-in-demand stream but generally does not require any sort of Express Entry profile.
  • Human Capital Priorities Stream by Ontario: Ontario is considered to be one of the most popular destinations for immigrants moving to Canada and you must take our word for it as the best visa consultants in the UAE. The place is generally attractive to people who are looking at Toronto and the growing tech sector there. So for those who live outside of Canada, the Human Capital Priorities stream is a great option since it prioritizes skilled workers who will be able to fill skilled employment positions in the province. The program is aligned with the Federal Express Entry System, and to be eligible for it, you need to have an active express entry profile with the CRS score of 400 points or higher. Ontario generally ends up scanning through all express entry profile and will then invite certain individuals to apply for PNP. For people who have experience working in tech jobs, Ontario has begun conducting draws targeted for them. For this, you need to have work experience in either of the six designated NOC codes. As the best immigration consultants in UAE, we should tell you that since its launch the province has been able to conduct three tech-specific draws which issued 4350 invitations. Another PNP stream that is offered by Ontario is for French-speaking skilled workers who also need to have an active profile in the Express Entry pool. If you are someone who has intermediate to advanced proficiency in the language then this program is a great option for you.
  • Express Entry Stream by Alberta: Last but not least let’s come to the western province of Alberta, which is actually home to one of the most thriving cities in the country that is Calgary and Edmonton. As the best canada student visa consultants in the UAE let us tell you that Alberta has a growing job market and also a very thriving education system. If you are looking to immigrate to Canada with your family then this is a province that you definitely should be thinking about. Generally, the Alberta Express Entry stream ends up selecting candidates from the Federal Express Entry pool and then invites them for a nomination. One of the major benefits that you have of this Express Entry stream is that the CRS score is very nominal which is 300, this means that more and more candidates have a chance of getting a Notification of Interest from the province.

The biggest benefits of PNP, is that if you receive a provincial nomination then your CRS score increases by almost 600 points, which we must tell you, as the best Canada immigration consultants in UAE, means that it almost guarantees  that you will receive an invitation to apply for PR in the next Express Entry draw. Now that you know which are the best PNPs for immigrating to Canada, hurry up and contact us so that we can get the process started.

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