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For those who are dreaming of a better tomorrow and settling down in Canada or Australia, First Step Immigration is here, to assist you in ensuring that your transition is as hassle-free as possible. If you’re looking for an overseas career along with permanent settlement in countries that offer some of the best living standards in the world - Canada and Australia provide some of the best opportunities and a stable family environment if you want to become a part of their landscapes. Abundant economic prosperity, world-class education options, a plethora of business prospects, extensive healthcare and retirement schemes, breathtaking natural beauty - all come together to provide a safe and secure environment for you and your family.

They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step, hence from initial evaluation to guiding you through points, sponsorships, green cards and work visas - our team of immigration consultants are going to be with you every step along the way!

Canada Student Visa: An access to world-class education in some of the top universities in Canada - is possible through a Canada Student Visa! Students who wish to pursue graduate or postgraduate studies in Canada and have been admitted to a university, it is time to apply for a Canada Student Visa with us.

Canada Immigration PR Visa: Thinking of extended plans of living and working in Canada? Then Canada Immigration PR Visa is your gateway to the beautiful country. A PR Visa allows you to stay in Canada for a longer duration, hence, let us help you understand your eligibility and options for a Canada PR.

Tourist and Visitor Visa: Want to travel and explore the beautiful Canadian landscape and revel in the good Canadian life? Or are you planning to visit a family member who is settled in Canada? The Canadian Visitor Visa allows you to experience all the joys that Canada can bring!

Australia Student Visa: If your academic plans include enrolling in a course in Australia be it for 4 months or a full-time graduate for a postgraduate course, an Australian Student Visa is a necessity. Contact us to know how to kick-start your academic journey with top Australian colleges and universities.

Australia Immigration Visa: Looking to work and settle down in Australia? Then apply for an Australia Immigration Visa and start a new beautiful chapter for you and your family.

Australia Tourist and Visitor Visa: Planning to spend a vacation on the golden beach shores, basking under the Australian Sun? Or looking to spend some quality time with your family or friends settled in Australia? Apply for an Australia Visitor Visa with us and experience the magic that Australia has to offer.

canada visa


Breathtaking natural beauty and a wholesome quality of life - If Canada is your dream home to settle in, then let us help you make those dreams come true.

canada visa


Golden Coastline and Thrilling Cosmopolitan Life - If Australia has won over your heart, then let us help you settle there and call it your home.


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Your Immigration Experts - Every Step Along the Way

About First Step Immigration

Immigration is probably one of the most vital decisions you will ever make in your life and First Step Education and Immigration Consultancy strives to make that process as hassle-free as possible for you. We offer you the most credible and accurate advice regarding the entire immigration process and help you plan your transition to a new way of life carefully, patiently and knowledgeably.



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Why First Step Immigration?

Established with a singular vision of helping you attain your immigration dreams. First Step Immigration continues to strive for excellence






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