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Australian Student Visa

Australian universities and colleges are placed high in the world rankings, helping students to attain a globally accredited education. Australia offers one of the best education systems that polishes students and prepares them to have an edge over others in the Global competitive market. First Step Immigration and education consultancy, aims to aid students’ dreams to study abroad in the field of their choice and we have considerable years of experience working for students from varied educational backgrounds to study in Australia

Why study in Australia?

  • Australia is the third most popular study destination in the world
  • Out of the top hundred universities in the world, eight are Australian
  • The government of Australia offers scholarships worth $200 million for international students on the basis of merit
  • Australia has a robust education system, ranking ninth in the world
  • Post completion of their study program students can apply for temporary residence which offers them full-time work rights
  • The temporary residence can lead to permanent residence and then eventual Australian citizenship on the basis of your eligibility

Services we offer:

  • Assessment and options: Our team of experts help students assess their academic achievements and any relevant work experience that can fulfil future academic requirements. This would enable them to achieve their career dreams from Australian universities.
  • Selection of academic institutions: Our counsellors help students decide which academic institution is most suitable for them in Australia after considering their academic, financial, cultural and social environment.
  • Processing of application: We ensure that there are no missing documents or information and make sure that there is no unnecessary or unwanted information on your application form that could cost you your admission. Our counselors verify your application with the utmost care and help you complete the process.
  • Financial planning: An important aspect of studying abroad is financial planning, as many a time academic institutions can appear to be out of your financial means on the face value. Our team of skilled consultants help you find a variety of financial assistance and alternate funding sources to help you secure your admission to the college of your choice.
  • Visa Processing: Visa filing and processing is a meticulous procedure, hence our team of immigration experts manage the processing and approval of your student Visa applications professionally, to ensure smooth and hassle-free processing.

If you’re seeking to study in Australia – our team of qualified consultants will guide you throughout the process. Right from obtaining an offer for admission from your university of choice to your student Visa application, contact us, so that you can go ahead and explore the world of possibilities in Australia!

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