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Canada Tourist and Visitor Visa

There are many occasions in life that leave you enchanted and profoundly inspired. A trip to Canada is one such experience. Inarguably one of the perfect nations on the planet loaded up with sensational scenes of heavenly snow-topped mountains, clear blue lakes, and beguiling valleys, and a stupendous blend of rich urban areas and curious wide open intertwined with culture and food. Being such a hotspot objective overflowing with an astonishing assortment of movement encounters, Canada is on every traveller’s bucket list. 

But before you travel, you need to get a valid Canadian tourist visa to enter the country. Citizens of certain countries can enter into Canada with an Electronic Travel Authorization. As the name indicates, a tourist visa is ideal for those who plan for a vacation or visit family/friends in Canada. 

At First Step consultancy, our team boasts of a wealth of expertise and they will meticulously take care of all steps included in the visa processing, beginning from the assessment of your visa requirements and compiling all required documentation to flawlessly filling out the form and submitting it on your behalf to the embassy.  

Why Visit Canada? 

There are a plethora of reasons why you could be planning a trip to Canada – ranging from being a seasoned traveller who wants to witness the beauty of Canada to visiting your friends or relatives who are already residing there. It is even possible that you might be planning to visit the beautiful country for a business trip. Whatever your reasons might be – you will need a Canada visitor visa for your visit, to ensure that you have a hassle-free trip and truly enjoy your time in the country – taking in all the sights and sounds that it has to offer.  

How to Apply for a Canada Tourist Visa? 

The following documentation is required for a Canada Visitor Visa: 

UAE Residence Visa: To start off, you need a valid UAE residence visa with a 3-month validity to be eligible for a visit visa to Canada from Dubai.  

Original Passport: Second, you need to submit your original passport to apply for a Canada visa from Dubai, which should have a minimum validity of six months or at least for the period of your visit. It’s also important to check if your passport has at least two blank pages. 

Employer NOC: Canada visa requirements from Dubai also include a No Objection Letter from your employer addressed to the Canadian Embassy. This should include important details like your salary, designation, joining date and the purpose of visit. 

If you own a business in Dubai, you need to submit a copy of your trade licence, a self-introduction letter with details of your monthly income as well as passport details for partners and investors.  

Invitation Letter: The Canadian embassy can also ask for invitation letters from friends or relatives in Canada. The invitation letter is mandatory for a business visa.  

Other Canada Visa Requirements: 

  • Three recent passport size photographs with white background 
  • Bank statement of last six months (authorised by the bank in case you are submitting a copy) 
  • Marriage certificate (in case you are married) 

Steps for Canada visa application 

  • Create a GCKey and sign into CIC website 
  • Choose visitor visa 
  • Fill in the mandatory details and save 
  • Download all Canada visa application forms 
  • Fill and electronic sign the visa application forms 
  • Upload filled and signed applications forms 
  • Upload supporting documents 
  • Pay the visa fee 
  • Submit the application 
  • Check the status of your visa application 
  • On approval, mail your passport  

 Canada Visitor Visa – Criteria 

 The basic requirement for any person travelling to Canada for leisure is as follows. 

  • Should possess a valid passport. 
  • Should be in good health. 
  • Should have a good moral character and must not have any criminal /human rights violation or immigration-related convictions. 
  • Must have enough financial support for the duration of stay in Canada. 
  • Should provide documents which ensure return back to the home country such as travel itinerary and air flight tickets. 

Why Us for a Canada Visitor Visa? 

The process for applying for a  Canada visa is basic and simple to go along on the off chance that you have the correct immigration consultant to manage you through data and methods with respect to Canada visitor visa. First Step Consultancy is one of the main Canada visa offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and our visa authorities will control you through the techniques and help you out at each step so that you can be guaranteed of completing your visas on schedule for your Canada visit. Contact us now to get the process started! 

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