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Canada Student Visa

A Life of Academic Excellence Awaits You! Fly to Canada and Soar through Life...

The preferred destination for more than a million students from around the world – studying in Canada is a golden opportunity to get an internationally recognized degree, at an affordable tuition fee. Apart from world-class education, you also gain valuable work experience whilst studying.  With the offer of an excellent quality-of-life and numerous immigration opportunities in a safe and friendly environment, Canada also offers sports as well as academic scholarships for international students at the undergraduate level.

Canadian universities are known for their excellent and quality education. Having a degree from a reputed Canadian University increases your market value for potential employers and boosts your credentials, thus laying the foundations for a lucrative career. So if you have received an acceptance letter from any of the leading Canadian universities, it’s time to start processing your Visa.

Your student Visa application can make or break your dreams, so it is imperative that you get it right the first time! First step immigration’s Canada student Visa consultants specialize in the processing of student visas and make sure that your aspirations don’t go in vain.

Why study in Canada?

Canadian universities and colleges are world-renowned for educational excellence. Apart from this the tuition and cost of living in Canada are affordable as compared to other countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. A Canadian education assures you that you’re placed in a position to take advantage of opportunities in the growing global market. 

Study in Canada for:

  • World-class education system
  • High caliber faculty
  • Diverse people and cultures from across the globe
  • Lower costs – higher value
  • Healthy and safe communities
  • Work opportunities after graduation in one’s field of study
  • Eligibility to apply for PR in Canada

How to Apply for a Canada student Visa?

The first step to a successful student visa application is to take the advice of experienced professionals. Yes, it definitely helps if you have friends and family that have already migrated there, but taking the expert opinion of a Canada student visa consultant, will make sure that you have the right guidance. It generally takes 3 to 4 weeks for the entire process – hence the sooner you begin the more prepared you will be when the time arrives.

You can apply for a Canada student visa in the following ways:

Apply online: One can apply conveniently for a Canada student visa online. Before you begin, make sure you have scanned copies of all the requisite documents. You can pay the fees online. However, even if you submit an online application you still have to go to the Visa Application Centre to hand in your passport and for a fingerprint scan.

Apply in person: In order to apply in person, you will have to download the instruction guide and kit for a Canada student visa from the internet. The instruction guide will contain directions regarding how to complete your application. After filling in your application you can submit it in person to the Visa Application Centre, get your fingerprint scan and hand over your passport.

Meet a Canada Student Visa Consultant: You can simplify the process of applying for a student visa considerably by selecting a Visa consultant. The consultant can walk you through all the steps and requirements right from choosing the right institution, to completing your application and obtaining the relevant documents that are required from you – this will save you from all the hassle and all that you have to do is wait for the final approval.

Need help with your student Visa application?

Our student visa consultants, are you here to offer you expert guidance and assistance until your application is processed and you’re good to go!

Contact our Canada Student Visa Consultant in the UAE and let us help you secure a golden future for yourself!

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