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Australian Immigration Services in the UAE

Australia is a really lovely nation that offers the ideal mix of arts, customs, societies and natural beauty. It is the twelfth biggest economy on the planet and is considered among the wealthiest countries over the world. The nation offers brilliant business openings over a scope of enterprises and areas thus making an Australia work permit from Dubai really appealing. 

At First Step Consultancy, we are a team of leading Australian immigration consultants, that are focused on delivering world-class services to our clients. If you are looking at getting an Australia PR from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our team is here to guide you in the most professional and helpful manner.  

Our team of experts will help you in various aspects of immigration, be it getting in Australia PR from Dubai or getting a work permit. We take steps to ensure that you comply fully with all the requirements. Hence, embark on a smooth and safe visa application journey with us.  

Benefits of Australia Permanent Visa  

Australia PR Visa is among the most searched after Permanent Residency visas on the planet. It offers the option to study, work, and live in Australia with no constraint. The following are a couple of advantages of Australia PR Visa:   

  • Opportunity for Study:   

The Australia PR visa offers unlimited opportunity to take a crack at the favoured course of study. It additionally offers differing choices for picking the training at the college level. Some of the loans for education are offered distinctly to PR holders.  

  • Freedom of Work:   

It gets simpler to work in Australia with the PR visa. Australia PR holders can work in any occupation and with any business. The modern laws in Australia have no effect between PR holders and residents.  

  • Social Security Benefits:   

Permanent Residents must live in Australia with the PR visa for a long time so as to get qualified for social security benefits. These incorporate understudy, joblessness, and disorder benefits offered by the Department of Social Security in Australia.   

  • Medical Services:   

 Medical services qualification is among the critical benefits appreciated by the PR holders in Australia. The administration’s Medicare medical coverage plot benefit will be accessible to Permanent Residents.  

 Our Australia Immigration Services  

We at First Step Consultancy, aim at assisting you in making your dreams of Australia immigration come true, but providing you with the expertise and help you through your immigration journey. Acutely aware of the fact that the process and decision of moving to a new country can be quite daunting, and our professional services make your journey a much easier one.  

Creating bespoke solutions to all your queries and concerns related to Australia PR visas and work permits, right from application to documentation to processing and final immigration, we are there with you every step along the way and try to go beyond regular service standards.  

We also provide you immigration services involving:  

  • Application for Student Visas  
  • Processing of Visit Visas  
  • Processing of American Permanent Residence  
  • Application for Spouse Visas  
  • Legal migration consultancy  

Ensuring that you get a team that makes your Australia immigration from Dubai and Abu Dhabi a dream – we call out all stops in getting you success in your visa application. 

Different Migration Options

In the event that you are a skilled professional who is looking at Australia immigration from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it can be one of your smartest choices as Australia is an ideal nation to live in and work. A large number of skilled professionals come to Australia consistently to begin their vocation in an advanced nation and lookout for an Australia work permit from Dubai and Abu Dhabi 

Primary Classes of Visa to Apply for Australia Immigration from Abu Dhabi and Dubai: 

You ought to pick the correct classification of visa to apply for an Australia work permit from Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the event that you need to move to the country for skilled occupations.  

These classifications may include:  

  • Visa for Skilled Independent Subclass 189
  • Visa for Skilled Nominated Subclass 190  
  • Provisional Visa for Skilled Regional subclass 489 (this state-designated temporary visa is valid for 4 years)  
  • Temporary work visa Subclass 457 (this transitory visa supported by the business is valid for 4 years)  

 Entrepreneur Visa 

The new Australian Entrepreneur visa is planned as another stream in the Business Innovation and Investment visas to give a pathway to perpetual living arrangement for high bore business people and new companies with budgetary support from outsiders in Australia, who are named by a State or Territory government and who meet habitation necessities and complete successful entrepreneurial activities in Australia. 

The Entrepreneur steam program is intended to draw in people who are under 55 years of age and have gotten capital support from an outsider to create and popularize imaginative and innovative thoughts in Australia, with a pathway to lasting living arrangement caused accessible for the individuals who to exhibit an effective record of undertaking enterprising exercises in Australia.  

First Step Consultancy excels in aiding you with applying for an Entrepreneur visa and will make sure that your dreams of starting a business in Australia are realised at the earliest. 

 Temporary Visa 

Australia’s temporary visa policies encourage the section, on a transitory premise, of individuals who can add to the financial, social, and social improvement of the Australian people group. Temporary visas permit individuals to live and work in Australia temporarily. Most subclasses require sponsorship by an Australian association which must be affirmed by the Department of Home Affairs in Australia before the application is held up .

482 Work Visa: For Skilled workers who need to work in Australia for as long as 4 years. Laborers must be supported by a business to get this visa.

Working Holiday visa (Subclass 417): An extremely famous alternative for youngsters from around the globe, this visa permits those matured 18-30 to have an all-encompassing occasion in Australia while attempting to enhance their salary. 

Sponsored Visa 

An employer-sponsored visa is maybe the most well-known type of migration to Australia on both a permanent and temporary basis. As the name recommends these visas are basically supported by employers situated in Australia for employing skilled workers.  

Visa Options  

Employer-sponsored visas in Australia are given on both temporary and permanent basis, the previous with a validity of as long as four years and the last past that time frame. Indeed, a temporary visa is frequently a road for making sure about an Australia PR visa.

Temporary Visa 

Among the transitory assortment, subclass 457 or Business Long Stay Visa is the most searched after. Businesses under a similar application can designate a few contenders for various posts. These supported visas are explicitly implied for gifted specialists and experts and a viable option for Australia immigration from Dubai and Abu Dhabi 

Permanent Visa 

A Permanent visa qualifies a migrant to settle down comfortably in Australia lastingly. Employer Nomination Scheme permits businesses to support talented abroad experts for a period past four years.  

We at First Step consultancy survey singular cases cautiously and with adequate consultation. We look at each case from all points of view and decide its legitimacy. In like manner, we start our documentation and application technique.  

Our experts being intensive and learned about Australian movement laws are specialists in offering appropriate guidance to candidates. For immigrants continuing to Australia on employer-sponsored visa, sponsorship is obligatory, be it from a private boss or a state/regional government authority. 

PR Visa 

Australia has always been a popular choice for individuals who desire to migrate to another country.  The country has favorable factors such as a thriving economy which means more job opportunities. Australia promises a better quality of life and a multicultural society where there is peace and harmony. 

Australia offers a permanent residency or PR visa to immigrants. The visa has a validity of 5 years. With a PR visa, you can move into Australia along with your family. You can apply for citizenship after living in Australia for three years with a PR visa. 

There are many options to apply for the PR visa card. You can choose the appropriate option based on your eligibility and requirements. Here are the popular options for your Australian PR: 

Family-Stream Permanent Residence Visas: This stream is for spouse/partner, children or parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents. 

Business or Investment-Stream Permanent Residence Visas: This stream is for those willing to invest in Australia for business purposes. To be eligible to apply for PR under this stream, applicants should have had the provisional visa (subclass 188) for at least one year and meet the financial requirements. 

Work-Stream Permanent Residence Visas: This visa stream is for workers who are sponsored by an Australian employer. 

Work Permit Visa 

There are various Australian visa types to apply for depending upon your circumstance. Being a working professional is the most well-known approach to get a home license (brief and perpetual) in Australia. It makes you qualified for one of Australia’s several work grants visas. There are visas for talented laborers, individuals partaking in specific activities, highly specialized workers, and more.  

 Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189): This points-based visa is for skilled workers who are not supported by a business, a state or region, or a relative. With this visa, you can live and work for all time anyplace in Australia and qualified relatives can be remembered for your application. This is a perpetual visa and permits visa-holders to stay in Australia inconclusively with full work rights.  

Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) Visa: This points-based visa is for skilled workers who are assigned by an Australian state or region. A visa holder can live and work for all time anyplace in Australia and qualified relatives can be remembered for the application.  

 Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored Provisional (Subclass 489) Visa: This points-based visa is for skilled workers who are named by a state or domain to live in a Regional or Low Population Growth Area, or supported by a qualified relative living in an assigned region in Australia. The visa is valid for 4 years and a visa holder should live and work in a predefined territorial region. Furthermore, qualified relatives can be included in the application.  

Skilled Regional (Subclass 887) Visa: The Skilled – Regional (subclass 887) visa is a second stage permanent visa without any points-based necessities. The Subclass 887 visa allows full lawful permanent residence to its holders. To acquire this visa, a candidate should meet certain prerequisites at the time the application is submitted. 

 Process to Get Australia Visa 

Here are the steps followed for getting an Australian Visa

Step 1:  Check the Eligibility Requirements 

  • Check if you meet the eligibility requirements. 
  • Verify if your occupation is present in the list of occupations in demand. 
  • Check if you have the required points based on the points table. 

Step 2: English Proficiency Test

Check if you have the required proficiency in the English language by taking the specified English language test. Fortunately, the Australian immigration authorities accept scores from various English ability tests like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc. So, you can take any of these tests to obtain the specified score. 

Step 3: Get Your Skill Assessment Done 

Get your skills assessed by the Skills assessment authority which is an organization that will assess your skills, education and work experience based on Australian standards. 

Step 4: Register Your Expression of Interest 

The next step is to register an Expression of Interest (EOI) on Australia’s Skill Select website. You should fill an online form in the Skill Select portal where you should give responses to questions on your skill which is again based on the visa subclass you are applying under.

Step 5: Get Your Invitation to Apply (ITA) 

Once your application is submitted and if it meets all the requirements then you will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Australia PR. 

Step 6: Submit Your PR Application 

The next step is to submit your PR application. You must submit it within 60 days. The application must have all the supporting documents for processing your PR visa. These documents are your personal documents, immigration documents, and work experience documents. 

Step 7: Get Your Clearance Certificates 

The next step is to submit your police clearance certificates. After a medical examination, you must submit your medical clearance certificate. 

  Step 8:  Get Your PR Visa 

The last step is getting your PR visa. 

Contact Best Australia PR Visa Consultant in UAE 

Home to some of the best immigration experts for Australia immigration from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, First Step Consultancy, is your one-stop shop regarding all kinds of immigration needs. We understand that gaining visa approval is half the battle won hence, we take pride in anticipating the needs of our clients even before they do. 

One of the most reputable, registered, immigration consultancy that provides assistance in all kinds of migration matters related to Australia, our immigration experts are known for their professional behaviour, thorough knowledge of migration laws, and also timely delivery with transparency. Hence, when you are looking at an Australian immigration, reach out to us and our team of experts will make sure that you get the desired outcome in the smoothest manner. 

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