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Australian Immigration Services in the UAE

A country teeming with promising career opportunities – Australia is the perfect place to live and work for skilled migrants. Offering the perfect setting for new immigrants with an organized immigration system, varied Visa categories, strong economy, higher standards of living, well-defined right and Social Security benefits- Australia welcomes skilled professionals from across the globe looking to start a new career in the country.

Recognizing the contribution and essence of skilled workers and professionals from overseas, Australia, has designed different visa categories and invite them for its skills shortage occupations. 

Key skilled Visa categories to apply for in Australia:

Skilled Migrants: One can apply for immigration as a skilled migrant to Australia, for which you need to choose the appropriate Visa category such as:

  • Skill Independent
  • Skilled Nominated
  • Skilled Regional (State nominated temporary visa – Valid for four years)
  • Temporary Work Visa (employer-sponsored temporary visa -valid for four years) 

If you do not have any nomination or sponsorship from an Australian state or employer you will have to apply for the skill independent Visa, which is a permanent Visa that allows you to live and work anywhere in Australia permanently. Another method is to apply for the Visa directly to online Skill Select system. Skill Select helps in addressing regional skills shortages and allows migrants to indicate if they are amenable to living and working in Regional Australia. If you wish to work temporarily in Australia the temporary work Visa is a popular Visa category, that lets you live and work in Australia for up to 4 years. The only catch, however, is that to apply for this Visa, you need sponsorship from an approved employer in Austria

Business Migration: If you’re looking to start a business or are investing in Australia, a Business Visa can facilitate this. What’s more, is that you can also qualify for permanent residence once your business interests in Australia have been established.

Partner Visas: Australian citizens and PR holders can sponsor their partners to migrate to Australia. In order to sponsor the partner, the applicant should be married, have a registered relationship or be engaged.

Parent Visas: Australian citizens and permanent residence holders can sponsor their parents to migrate to Australia. For parents with at least half their children living permanently in Australia, permanent residence in Australia becomes an option through Parent Visa. There is also a provision for an onshore ‘aged parent visa’ which allows parents over a certain age to remain in Australia on a bridging Visa during ongoing processing.

 What are the Things you need to note regarding Australian immigration rules?

  • Devoid of prejudice and discrimination, Australian immigration rules are equal for all immigrants. Being a culturally diverse, secular nation the Australian immigration policy seeks to develop the economy, industries and the Australian labor market.
  • Facing demographic challenges in view of its ageing population as a result of which most of the Australian employable workers are either retired on approaching the age of retirement soon, Australia is facing a skills shortage across its diverse industries. Hence, the opportunity for a diverse population of overseas immigrants to live, work and settle in Australia as permanent residents, is plentiful.
  • The Australian immigration system is based on points, for which the applicants are required to submit an expression of interest- EOI in Skills Select. This system processes the EOIs and awards the profiles a definite point score based on diverse factors such as work experience, English language proficiency, education, age, sponsorship/Nomination etc. In order to qualify for any specific points-based Visa, you need to have scored at least 65 points and your occupation must be listed in Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL). These lists contain occupations which are in demand and the professionals are not available in the country.
  • The community, climate, living conditions in Australia are suitable for people working in the UAE to a great extent which has resulted in large-scale immigration to Australia from the UAE in the last couple of years.

Looking to work and settle down in Australia? Applying for a visa in Australia from the UAE through a reliable and efficient Australia immigration consultant enhances your chances of acquiring the Visa. First Step Immigration has a team of certified and experienced professionals who can assist you with your Australia visa process from beginning to the end, making immigration a hassle and stress-free experience for you. So contact us today and let us take care of all your Australia PR Visa needs!

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