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Permanent Residency Australia Cost

Planning to shift to Australia, means that, you will be looking into your financial needs and also of course the fees for your Australian PR visa. So, we have for you a breakdown of what all fees you need to pay when applying for an emigration to Australia.

Australia PR Fees

Australia PR fees is $4045. Australia PR is granted with 189 /190 / 489 Skilled independent visa.

189 / 190 Visa Fees
Adult (18+ years) AUD $4,045
Additional Adult – dependent (18+ years) AUD $2,020
Child (Less than 18 years) AUD $1,015

The total PR fees for a family of two adults and 1 kid is AUD $7,080.

A point to note, is that Australian Visa fees are non-refundable, so your PR fees will not come back if your Visa application is rejected.

Australia PR Second Instalment Fees – For Dependent’s English

Australia PR Second Instalment Fees is $4,885.

If your dependent 18 years or older cannot prove that they have functional English at the time of Australia PR application, the second instalment fees have to be paid.

For any other applicant, the second instalment is Zero

Australian PR Cost

Getting an Australian PR is a long process and you need to pay for different things such as your education fees, English test, work assessment fee, police clearance fees, health check-up fees apart from your Australia PR government fees, the break-up of all of this is as follows:

Type Per Person  
Education & Work Assessment fees (ACS) AUD $ 500  
Police Clearance Certificate Fees (Varies by country) USD $18  
English test fees USD $ 200 (PTE) USD $230 (IELTS)
Medical Examination Fees (varies by country) USD $350 (USA)  

Now let us look at how you can pay your Visa application fee for Australia. Generally, your Visa fees can be paid online via debit or credit card, if you are paying using any of these listed methods below, you might have to pay an additional surcharge that is added on top of the fees that have been listed above

Debit/Credit Surcharge
PayPal 1.00%
Visa / Mastercard 1.32%
American Express 1.40%
JCB 1.40%
Union Pay 1.90%
Diners Club International 1.99%
Discover Not accepted

There are some people who like to pay with travel Forex card, so that you can save on currency conversion fees and also for transaction charges that are charged by your credit card banking company. So, if you have the option with you are you can definitely exercise it and save up on some money.

So there you have it, this is the basic cost of the PR Visa in terms of the various fees that you will need to pay up, when you apply for immigrating to Australia. It is best that you go in for the process through an immigration consultant who can take care of all these financial aspects and make the process even smoother.

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