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Canada Visit Visa from Dubai Requirements

Is Canada on your visit soon list, be it for travel purposes, visiting family or even for business? Most visitors generally need a valid visitor visa to enter Canada. Of course, depending upon your nationality, an entry permit is required, this holds true if you are a US citizen and then you would probably not require a Visitor Visa to enter Canada. Yes, the Canadian visa procedure can be a little confusing, so having an immigration consultant biocide who is well-versed with all the procedures and processing services would really help.

Here are certain things that you need to know, about visiting Canada on a visitor visa

Firstly we are going to talk about the two types of visa that you may be eligible for and the skin apply:

  • Single Entry – Single Entry Visa, normally allows visitors to enter the country only once. Once the holder of the visa leaves the country, they cannot enter back unless they apply for another visitor visa to go back to Canada.
  • Multiple Entry Multiple Entry Visa, allows visitors to travel to Canada and then come back again without having to apply for a new Visa. This generally lasts for six months at the time, and the good thing is that multiple entry visas are generally valid up to 10 years.

A point to note is that even if you are exempted from applying for a Canadian visit visa, you will still be required to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorisation or ETA to transit through Canada.

In order to apply for a visitor visa, you will have to meet some basic requirements that include:

  • Providing  valid travel documents such as a passport
  • Passing the medical exam that is required
  • Make sure that you have no criminal or immigration-related convictions
  • Be able to prove that you have ties such as a job, home, financial assets or family that would make sure that you will return back to your home country and not try to stay back in Canada
  • You will need to convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit and not try to overstay your welcome
  • Have proof that you have sufficient funds to fund your stay
  • Be able to furnish a letter of invitation from someone who lives in Canada

So, these are the basic requirements been to apply for Canada visit visa from Dubai. Depending upon the kind of visit that you need to make – for example you might need to make a business visit that might require you to visit Canada often or if you plan to make a single visit to Canada to travel all visit relatives, you can choose between a single entry or a multiple entry visit visa. It is best that you consult an Canada immigration consultant in Dubai who can help you out in making sure that you have all your eligibility requirements sorted as well as any sort of documentation that might be needed – so that you can visit Canada hassle-free.

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